Carpet Patching and repair in Austin Texas a step by step explanation.

In most cases carpet patching is done for the reason that the carpet has been damaged by some particular means. It can be from a pet chewing up the carpet. It can be from hookah burns or spilled bleach or paint. There are so many reason one might need carpet patching and repair in Austin Texas.

The way this service is performed is rather simple, but requires skill along with years of practice. After having done this for years I have mastered the art of carpet patching and repair in Austin Texas.  I begin by either removing a ample sized piece from a closet or from a piece of spare carpet perhaps left by the home builder in the attic. 

I move the piece out onto the damaged area and cut exactly the same sized piece out. I lay heat melt carpet seaming tape underneath the area. I them melt the two pieces together forming a permanent bond. In most cases the area is non detectable. 

Limiting factors are but a few. The varying degree of soiling on either piece of carpet may require further work to balance the color to perfection.

This is how you patch and repair carpet in Austin Texas.