Carpet stretching and repair in Austin Texas explained step by step.

There are several reasons why your carpet may need to be stretched. The main reason I see very often is due to improper instillation. The second is due to excessive wear. In cases where the carpet was not installed properly is due to the carpet not being stretched enough in the original instillation. 

The carpet will develop wrinkles and it is unsightly and can cause a trip hazard, and makes vacuuming quite difficult. I can stretch the carpet and get rid of the problem. In most cases in order to stretch the carpet in Austin Texas the furniture must first be removed from the room. I will then pull the carpet up along three sides of the room in order to get a proper stretch. I use multiple power stretchers to pull the carpet tight. 

Most carpet stretching in Austin Texas requires multiple stretches done over the course of around an hour per room to achieve the correct carpet tension. After the correct carpet tension is achieved I then tuck the carpet under the base boards and trim off the excess along the front wall.

Some factors that complicate the process of carpet stretching in Austin Texas are when the carpet meets and joins to tile or a fireplace. It can also slow the process down when a hall connects to multiple rooms. Each room must be cut at the door and re-seamed.

I hope I have helped in your understanding of carpet stretching and repair in Austin Texas.