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Carpet Repair Austin.com .  Grants Service in but not limited to:

Round Rock, Georgetown, Kyle, Cedar Park, Pflugerville, Jollyville, Brushy Creek,Lago Vista, Liberty Hill,Westlake

 I have been working with Austin homeowners for over a decade repairing, stretching, patching, carpet back to like new or close to new condition. There is almost no carpet that cannot be salvaged or at least be brought back to a better than expected state. I offer a degree of mastery in carpet repair that most people do not expect. I also offer carpet removal and replacement.

I am very affordable and easy to work with. All workmanship is guaranteed for the life of the carpet. 

Call or text me when you need my help.

Thanks Corey Thibodaux 

512-350-1129​ Carpet Repair in Austin Texas
   Carpet Repair Austin is located in North Austin. Corey Thibodaux is the owner and service technician. I have been serving Austin Texas since 2001, and saving many carpets from replacement. I specialize in fixing the carpet issue rather than replacing the carpet in your home. I can patch your carpet, stretch your carpet, clean your carpet, or if necessary replace your carpet. I can run cable under your carpet. I can replace your carpet pad. I also offer pet damage or urine damage repair. I can remove and replace urine damaged pad, treat the reverse side of the carpet, and then clean and deodorize the fibers.

  My entire service is geared toward avoiding carpet replacement. There are so many techniques I employ to save the carpet that you have, as well as save you a considerable amount of money. Carpet patching is a common practice for true carpet stains, or burns, or pet damage. Carpet patching is when a damaged area of carpeting is ever so carefully cut out, and another piece of identical carpeting is fashioned into the place where the damaged piece was removed. This procedure takes plenty of practice, and I am one of the best at it. I guarantee my quality, or it’s FREE. Another common procedure is carpet stretching, or restretching. This procedure is employed when the carpet has become wrinkled. The furniture is removed from the room and power stretchers stretch the carpet from one side of the room to the other. The carpet is then trimmed to fit, and is tucked into the baseboard. These are the basics of carpet repair. I also take on custom carpet projects, small carpet instillations, and restorative carpet cleaning. I truly handle all carpet issues. When you call, text or email you will be speaking directly to the owner and the man that will be coming to your house to do the repairs. I also show my face in my advertising. You can see exactly who will be arriving at your house. Thanks Corey Thibodaux 512-350-1129